Originally invented by ancient Quills, personal gliders are useful tools for short-range air travel, especially in and around cliff cities like Silkspan.

Using a glider allows one to glide, negating damage from a fall of any height and allowing 20 feet of forward travel for every 5 feet of descent. Users glide at a speed of 40 feet (average maneuverability), but can’t glide while carrying a medium or heavy load. Quills using gliders to supplement their natural ability can glide 40 feet of forward travel for every 5 feet of descent.

A basic glider costs 5gp, weighs 5 lb., and takes a minute (10 rounds) to assemble or disassemble.

A masterwork glider costs 50gp, weighs 2 lb., and collapses/extends into a staff-like form factor as a swift action. Non-Quills often employ a version that collapses/extends from a backpack, which is less easily dropped and would get in the way of a Quill’s wings, but is otherwise identical.

Very-high-quality gliders are often made with spidersilk and a Quill’s shed primary feathers, over a spring-loaded mithral frame, and are suitable as mist offerings and subsequent enchanting.


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