The often-domesticated, medium-sized, blue, bio-luminescent bumblebees called Brumbles make their home in a network of caverns called the Brumblecombs. Using saliva that magically dissolves rock into mud for a short period, they build vast honeycombs of triangular stone cells and excavate entire caverns in the cliffs they call home.

Brumbles are omnivorous, eating smaller insects and cultivating gardens and spreading the spores of mushrooms and fungus throughout the Brumblecombs. They feed their larvae a nutritious fungal paste, though queen larvae have been observed being fed freshly-killed animals.
They navigate by echolocation and the sight of each others’ bio-luminescence, and make soft chittering and clicking noises with their mandibles and forelimbs to navigate and communicate.

Brumbles as Familiars

Brumbles are freely available as a choice of familiar for those that acquire one. Brumble familiars provide a +3 bonus on Heal checks.

In addition, any domesticated Brumble (familiar or otherwise) can provide 1d4 doses of Azure Honey per day; the honey is a natural analgesic and disinfectant, the antidote to Brumble stinger poison, and has the magical properties of a cure light wounds potion when consumed.


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