Name: Ianeak
Species: Quill
Class: Artificer
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Weight: 142
Level: 1
Gold: 1350

Ability Array:
Str: 11 (+ 0)
Dex: 16 (+ 3)
Con: 14 (+ 2)
Wis: 15 (+ 2)
Int: 18 (+ 4)
Cha: 16 (+ 3)

Hp: 27
Ac: 13
Init: 3
Atk Bonus: 7
Fort: 3
Reflex: 4
Will: 6

Acrobatics [DEX] (Includes Balance, Escape Artist, Jump, and Tumble) 7
Athletics [STR] (Includes Climb, Swim, and Ride) 4
Concentration [CON] (Includes Autohypnosis) 6
Cyphercraft [INT] (Includes Use Magic Device, Spellcraft, Psicraft, and Decipher Script) 6
Disguise [CHA] 8
Forgery [INT] 9
Handle Animal [WIS] 2
Heal [WIS] 2
Knowledge (Architecture & Engineering) [INT] 9
Knowledge (Geography & Explorer’s Lore) [INT] 4
Knowledge (History & Politics) [INT] 4
Knowledge (Cosmopolitan) [INT] 4
Knowledge (Subterranean) [INT] 4
Knowledge (The Basin) [INT] 4
Knowledge (The Mists) [INT] 4
Perception [WIS] (Includes Gather Information, Listen, Search, Sense Motive, and Spot) 7
Persuasion [CHA] (Includes Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate) 8
Profession [WIS] (Includes Craft, Perform, and potentially other tasks, as appropriate to the profession) 11
Speak Language: Quill, Bold, Crag, Cog, Gray
Stealth [DEX] (Includes Hide, Move Silently, and Sleight of Hand) 8
Tinkering [DEX] (Includes Disable Device, Open Lock, and Use Rope) 9

Scribe Scroll(Artificer Bonus)
Brew Potion(Artificer Bonus)
Craft Wonderous Item(Artificer Bonus)
Craft Homunculus(Artificer Bonus)
Simple Weapon(Artificer Bonus)
Light/Medium Armor(Artificer Bonus)
Skill Focus(Profession) – starter feat
Point Blank Attack – third level feat
Extraordinary Artisan – fourth level bonus feat

Revolver x2
1d4 Piercing Damage
20/x4 Critical Threat
30’ Range Increment
Full-Round-Action Reload, 6-Round Capacity
Holsters for both guns.
Collapseable Glider

Average, 2000 bought

Average, 2000 Bought
Masterwork Forge
Masterwork Gunsmithing Equipment

Shiny, solid black feathers cover the body except for a tapering triangle of white under his beak and down the neck. He has round eyes that protrude slightly from his head with a sliver of blue around the iris. His beak is about a foot long and narrow showing the slightest bit of the bright yellow one might see when he opens said beak. The skin of his hands and feet are scaled and a dull black color. It could be said that his Mistmark starts where his eyebrows would be if he had any. Thin, jagged lines curve around his eyes turn into a straight line after 3 inches from the start to form a solid, inch thick line. This line moves down the back of his head and neck, to the join of the wings. From there it splits; one line tracing the edge of his wing to the top of the finger while the other moves further down his back and along the edges of the outermost tail feathers. Connecteing these two lines, at the nape of the neck and between the joins of the wings, are another thin jagged line with a small circle on his spine.

OOC: For any who would like to know, the feathers on the neck flare out and turn a kind of neon light blue and the tail feathers a dark neonish blue that only show up at certain occasions.



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